Elder Shieldmaiden


This one is hard to photograph – the garnet is a deep red that’s difficult to capture. The spoon was a 120 yr old sterling silver Whiting, Duke of York pattern. It shows its maturity and experience in the bowl with some subtle spots. I’ve deliberately left her battle scars as-is – we all bear marks of the life that’s made us who are today, and sometimes that’s beautiful. 2.5″ tall including bail, 1 1/8″ across.



This is a handmade piece of art: As such, it may display the quirky uniqueness that mass manufactured items lack. Enjoy its imperfections as proof that it was lovingly born of my sweat, tears, and (very rarely) blood.

Caring for your jewelry:

Sterling silver, copper, and brass will all tarnish and take on a patina over time. Your personal pH, environmental factors, how you store your jewelry, and how you care for your jewelry all make a difference. Avoiding exposure to chemicals (chlorine, etc) will reduce that change. Gentle cleaning with a silver polishing cloth should restore your piece to its original state.